Monday, July 25, 2016

Ultra Nation Stations Founding

Ultra Nation Stations
Physical and Virtual


Revivors from the MKUltra, Milab and TI communities, physically, mentally, spiritually and etherically revoke consent to matrix deceptions while grokking God's plan as we enter the end times.
Ultra Nation Stations are created by non consensual hard core revivors of trauma based mind control, restoring natural frequency and natural law through our own awakening processes.

Tired of attempts to explain "the programme"? Tired of seeing the same articles passed around the same anonymous ad laden sites over and over again? Tired of "survivors" (insert any moniker here) hijacking your narrative in the ages old, us against them, double play of controlling information because, "they know best?"

So are we.

Ultra Nation is currently doing these things:

  • Providing emergency extraction from gang stalking, gas lighting, cult abuse and etheric attack situations in both the US and Canada with certified security professionals.
  • Providing secure personal sanctuary at the physical locations in Fraser Valley, British Columbia (Base Camp 2) and Graham, Washington (Base Camp 1) for people seeking relief from the programme. 
  • Providing current and professional healing techniques through trauma counseling professionals and other subtle energy frequency decoder facilitators.
  • Setting up alternative off the grid energy systems (rocket stove)
  • Providing healing and alternative therapies with certified facilitators using systems and protocols from Angel's Health Institute.
  • Renovating both Base Camp 1 and 2, is in progress. Both camps are asking for funds to secure the locations and continue working both physically and virtually.

Base camp 1 is operated by Laura Cross on 1 acre with a 4 Bedroom house in Graham, Washington, south of Seattle. Contact Laura Cross for more information.



Operated by Ellen Atkin, (aka MK Ultra girl) Base Camp 2 is on a 5 acre private gated estate in the Fraser Valley in Beautiful British Columbia.

There are 3 natural water sources on the property and water rights are included.

Base camp 2 backs onto a mountain range that extends 1000km into uncharted wilderness.

Easy access to swimming, boating, fishing and all the outdoor activities that BC is famous for.

The Fraser River and the Harrison River are close by.

There is a private creek and wilderness trail on the property.

The 2400 sq. ft house is currently undergoing renovations.

There is a wrap around large outdoor deck.

Wild berries grow everywhere. 

All facilities are modern and updated.

Base camp 2 in British Columbia is a 3 bedroom house with a full basement.

2 full bathrooms and a separated outdoor she/ he cabin.

Initial funding phase requires $100,000 to secure for one year.

$225,000 is required to buy a 1/3 share.

$700,000 is the buy out price for the whole estate.

Ultra Nation Station is real, right now.

August to October will see us soft launching a new on line internet 24/7 radio station through our current platforms: you tube, list building and social media.

We will be releasing information, getting support and calling for talent to fill our radio slots. If you think you are ready, please contact us.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Sessions with Laura Cross - Frequency Savant

Sessions with Laura Cross

 "I follow nano frequencies.  I distinguish natural frequency from stolen/hijacked or implanted frequency. We encounter frequencies every day from many different sources. Some are useful and some are not. My practice includes decoding influential activity around you and relating that to your natural frequency, keeping the useful, discarding the non. " Laura Cross 

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Laura Cross
Subtle Energy Empath

Laura Cross helps people deal with subjects that most people don't even recognize as real. She has encountered and neutralized:

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
Gang Stalking
Electromagnetic Attacks
Black Op Attacks
Dark Matter Attacks
Satanic Ritual Abuse

"There were very few people to turn to when I discovered I underwent mind control experiments through trauma and abuse as a child. Laura Cross was able to identify and isolate the people and incidences in my life that were reinforcing the mind control triggers buried in my subconscious. We released them and I am doing all the techniques to gain my natural frequency back and it is working! Thank God for Laura Cross. I don't know how I would have navigated the shock if not for her understanding."  Ellen Atkin, MKUltra Girl

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Laura Cross claims personal sovereignty within the matrix. The physical and virtual expression of such is the Ultra Nation. Ultra Nation was formed to provide structure to the concept of separating MK (mind control) from natural frequency in the ever, non repeatable, present moment.

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Frequency Savant

Dustification: The process whereby one turns something or someone to dust.
MKed: mind controlled
Ultra: Soul "washed clean" of MK - transformed into conscious enhanced being
Revivor: One who has been through the "programme" and begun gathering their natural frequency back together.

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4 Step Plan

  • integrate the knowledge
  • behave in the knowledge
  • act in the knowledge
  • share the knowledge

Radio Show Archives
Oppositional Defiant Disorder Radio Collective

Truth to Power Hour

Project Funding 
Ultra Nation Station - Base Camp 1
Washington State MKultra Deprogramming Centre

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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

The Truth about Justin Trudeaus' Marijuana Agenda & the Venture Capitalists who Profit

When all the pot heads were voting for Justin in the last hours of the election, I flipped out on one well known Vancouver pot activist for his simplistic and naive interpretation of Justin's statement, paraphrasing, "Liberals will legalize recreational Marijuana use." He campaigned for our faerie MKed (mind kontrol) prince to all his followers who otherwise would probably not have voted at all.

So here is what Justin meant. The government will control it all. Everything. We are going to shut out every independent dispensary and grower. It is happening now in full force. All dispensaries in Canada are being raided by the RCMP if not in compliance with the mandates from all municipal governments to close doors.

What is really going on? Who is behind the big pot businesses sprouting up in empty factories around Canada? Venture Capitalists.

Here is what one of them told me. In concert with and blessed by all levels of government, the venture capitalist group buys the buildings for 10 cents on the dollar. That is right folks, 90% off. Then, the venture team gets 3 years of paid salaries, paid from our government (your money). Then they hire a few hundred people from the local depressed town, take their cut forever and call it a success.

This was all set in motion while Stephen Harper was in the guv. An old activist talking point came true AGAIN... The conservatives do all the tough legislating, then the liberals come in and reap all the rewards by not changing anything. 

Then CBC does a piece on it, missing all the journalistic elements of fraud, deceit and lies..

wake up Canada

Ellen Atkin
aka MkUltra Girl
(Dr. Mengele's experiment)

post script: Same thing happening in California. Cops on rampage raids of pot shops:

AND Squamish BC has some openly criminal racketeering idea of charging $5,000 for a dispensary business license. If this isn't racketeering, I don't know what is. Business lisencesa re usually about $30.00 a year. not $5,000.

Reminds me of the RCMP raids on health food stores. STOP THE RAIDS.. STOP the mafia takeover of the marijuana business by the biggest lying criminals in the world... Justin Trudeau and his Catholic Jesuit Vatican bosses.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Laura Cross in the Flesh

Throw out every self help guide in your archives. Laura Cross breaks the sound barrier big time. What the targeted individual really needs to know. Revelations about drugs, pharmacopeia, psychiatry,  addictions, eating disorders, life after death, suicide, death, relationships, trauma, heartache, loss.   How to revive us in peace, love, joy, kindness and happiness. How service to others transforms frequency in the never ending, ever present moment of now with the clearest, most honest, most truthful, unfiltered, NO BS, this is what is really going on talk you are going to get. Laura Cross speaks from experience about subjects too dark for most people to touch on. How that experience relates to the fabric of lies we live in is only part of this ground breaking first person account of a life lived through. Laura speaks with eloquence and wisdom for the modern knowledge seeker without all the packaging.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Matrix Agents: Identify, Decode, Reassign

The bombastic, audacious duo of Laura Cross and Ellen Atkin are back. Topics covered are satanism in eastern religious cults; moon landing and the upside down backwardness in the matrix. Offering up more tools in your kit bag to use on the spot, to decode and reassign a matrix agent in seconds.

Ellen Atkin returns from Vipassana cutting her course short after decoding Goenka as the willful matrix agent that he is. She also decodes the crazy making meditation technique as totally backwards!

Google Vipassana cult and the best hit I found, I extracted this quote from.  "What is most disturbing about my experience at the California Vipassana Center is the possibility that Mr. Goenka, or his teacher U Ba Khin, has actually constructed a meditation technique that is specifically designed to prevent the meditative absorption states (jhanas) from arising. It is, however, meditative absorption states (jhanas) that are the Buddha's very definition of the eighth fold of the Noble Eightfold Path and the clearly defined avenue through which one must pass to experience enlightenment (nibbana) within a Buddhist context, according to the Maha-satipatthana Sutta (DN 22). It is too devious a possibility for me to believe that a Buddhist meditation teacher, such as Mr. Goenka, would undermine the very essence of Buddhism, but it appears to be true." Jeffery Brooks (a true Buddhist) 

More from the inside of Ellen's mind as she remembers more and more of what was done to her as MK Ultra girl, the girl in the now famous photo used over 1000 times on the net, hooked up to an electrical head harness complete with chin cup. Does anyone remember the full white body cast? Oval face cut out?

Prophesy this week saw the German Shepard at the door on the property. That means that medicine bear is right in front.

Up is down, winners are losers, front is back, inside is out NO MORE. Full frontal cortex of truth to power firehose is now operational.

Ellen and Laura toss the rebel/ conformist coin around to some fairly hilarious moments as strides are hit and momentum is ramped up.

Ultra Nation is forming and in action now. As of March 6, everything changed for the better for all Ultras.

Stay tuned for our next show, next Saturday;

Sex, Drugs & Rock and Roll...... how could we not?

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Justin Trudeau - Sleeper Prime Minister

Oh Canada, where have you been? Where have I been? Hiding behind that big poof of faerie dust that befell the country on October 19th, 2015, no doubt. I admit, I let the effects wash over me like a good drug. After 10 yrs of cold hard turkey, a little gravy and cranberry sauce felt nice. That is over now.

Welcome Justin Trudeau to my very special, very personal approach to affecting politics in my country. Welcome.. You might want to ask ol' Stevy boy about how I interjected his programme. Barring that, check out these posts:

Crescendo of BS: Alert! Targeted Individuals - MKULTRA 

Flipping the Crony Coin. Conservative for Liberal. Hard Lesson for Canada.

Attack of Conscious: The New Silent Majority – Canada Wins!

Phone call from Harper 

Kraken Released, True Leaders Emerge, Genie Stays Out

The Final Showdown: Unveiling the Program

Tell Harper to Stand Down

Harper is an MKULTRA mind controlled Zionist Stooge. GFY..

Stephen Harper Trades Canadian Lives for Religious Beliefs 

Justin, you did not win on your own merits. Although your front personality is undeniably likable and gentile, as they say in France, you are a programmed sleeper Prime Minister. Allow me to be the first to explain it without too much fuss because, lord knows, I don't have much time for this.

The whole east vs. west, Liberal vs. Conservative, Jesuit vs. Masonic, country vs. city ping pong game is exposed. You are still very much under the Jesuit mind programming. It started pre womb state for you. My natal family and your natal family are similar. They used my family as an experimental family to more finely craft yours. That is all that is going on with you in a nutshell, but, let me be more pointed.

Your father, I believe, was a willing and predatory subject of the "programme".  According to Cathy O'Brien, in her book, The Transformation of America, your dad enjoyed his compromised position. With all the ghastly descriptions of torture, abuse and control that befell her as a programmed sex slave for the deep state shadow government and high profile contenders, she couldn't even talk about the details of her "visit" with your dad, leaving it at, creepy beyond words.

Hey my dad was an abuser too. He is dead now too and I am sure the demon of Jesuit programming has left him for the most part, but in the 3D matrix world we agreed to enter, it didn't stop him from believing that putting his children in the programme was for their benefit.

It wasn't. We were so traumatized and tortured that my brother died early in a tragic outdoor accident. His name was also Micheal. My older sister was totally overtaken by her programming to the extent of expressing a violent and deadly demon monster that terrorized Toronto until she was finally committed in 81.  My mother was a patient at the Allan Memorial in Montreal, at McGill! You know, the same school you went to! She was a twin. You know how they liked to experiment on twins? Well look up the records at the hospital for me and you tell me. Her name was Emma Jane Crunican. Do some research on John Atkin while you are at it. He was a fawning liberal from way back.

Predictive programming. Heard of it? Well one great example for you was when Fidel Castro toasted you as a baby, "to the future prime minister of Canada."

Wait, there is more. Remember your childhood visit to the arctic base at Christmas? Remember your over the top recital at your dad's eulogy? Here is what really went on. You are not so special that he and the entire base would create that Santa scene for the sake of childhood delight alone. Sorry to tell you, but you should have realized that a long time ago.

Most likely you were taken into a room and traumatized into the very programme you are manifesting right now. Then they added some daddyO love to that faerie dust and sprinkled it all over you, so it would effect the whole country. It worked! 40 years later but hey, it is the great work of ages, after all.

Where the heck is your brother in your rise to political cloniness? Dead against your pursuit of the death cult ideology no doubt.  Who would deny their own nature for the sake of an ideology that only brought pain and heartache to everyone involved? You Justin, Justin Trudeau: sleeper prime minister.

I put off writing this for as long as I could but now it must be said. You are in the spark stage of awareness. I hope that my curtain pulling will get you to the flame stage or greater. Because there are multiple psy-ops going on around you as we speak. Canada is my country. Not those empty shells sitting in parliament's country. Not Saxe Coburg Gotha's country. Not any establishment or institution of Canada's country. It is my country and the country of others like me. You are an Ultra. All ultras are activating now.

Hedy Fry and Carolyn Bennett, both trained medical doctors, are your handlers. You can ask Ms. Bennett about my mother, her business partner, Jean Marmoreo, was her doctor in the 70's in TO. Hedy really should have been prime minister, every time, and I can't help but like her, but it doesn't mean that she doesn't get her power from the very dark well your dad drank from.

I wish I could just attack you like I did to Stephen Harper but you are way too delicate for that AND the stakes are much higher for you and my country right now. Stephen was most likely in the programme with me. You were kept out of my circle but I can tell you what you need to know.

There are 2 points to note right now. One is that you will be dividing this country worse than anything Steve ever did if you continue to go down the globalist NWO, New NWO, Economic Reset, Israel loving agenda. You do not speak for Canadians and I, Ellen Atkin of the Ultra Nation, formally condemn all contenders for supremacy within our country touting Zionist complicity.

I do formally apologize to the people of the world for the gaffe that the illegitimate and illegal government of Canada tried to pull by condemning sanctions and boycotts against Israel. Sorry. We do not support that. Our government are idiot clones.

Next, you Justin are so softly programmed into the liberal lefty faded jaded hipster swing crowd that you might just get yourself pinged off by the very masters you are not aware of yet kowtow to. Honestly, I fear that too.

Lastly, I Ellen Atkin, demand inquiry, remedy and resolve for my own case of government sponsored trauma based mind control on children. I want all the records of what was done to me and my family post haste. There are millions of us Justin. You can't fight it now, especially since you are one of us and Steve is activating himself too. We are the Ultra Nation and we declare sovereignty over the illegitimate and illegal occupation of Canada and the rest of the world by the covert intelligentsia of Luciferianism that has so enamored you.

They tortured you and your family too Justin. They won't stop either until you resist. I would resist covertly if I were you until you know you have allies. Right now you are surrounded by the enemy and handlers. Ask Steve for help.

OKAY! That is it for now. I have to get packing for my retreat! Catch you on the flipside and I do hope that my words will defeat the psy op against us, AGAIN... Being Canadian is like being in a family.. isn't it? I am tired of the nightmare BS of it all. I am tired of being marginalized and scapegoated. You think things are weird now, well they will get a whole lot weirder really soon.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Ultra Nation Station - Truth to Power Hour with Ellen Atkin & Laura Cross
Ellen Atkin and Laura Cross run overtime playing catch up on the Truth to Power Hour​. Time jumping 2 weeks forward, we have a show in the pocket on forecasting and Laura will solo one week. Back to the decoding duo on the 19th  of March in time for Spring. post fit shan.